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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It was a very cold winter in 2001 at Ankara Turkey. Not the city center but the local towns were all covered by the snow. The Gendarmerie school has been positioned on a quite high area which I was a soldier as a lieutenant in the army. The snow was falling different there. After the shift, the shuttles seems like a train and because of the snow, the evacuation was taking so long. I was watching this suffering from the window of the service branch building which I was an officer in and about to write something to the open notebook standing on my leg. That evening, the muse has passed me away. I closed the notebook without drawing any scratch. The cover of the notebook was in color of the uniform that I was wearing. It was a fashion for the officers that were carrying that notebooks. The tailors of the army were sewing this fabric notebook covers. They had stitched one for me too. I had loved it and carried it everywhere with me like an accessory. I would draw many figures in that. I would draw dragons, warriors and knights. I stood up. While I was looking to that shuttles which are waiting in the long line, I had figured out again that my decision was so right that I choosed to stay at garrison but not had leased a house in the city. Then I walked out through the tables in the silent refectory. It was time to get some rest. 

The winter was tough and then finally spring arrived. Spring would bring the area work surely. I arrived to the area with the fifty soldiers who were under my command and a truck full of pine trees. We were responsible for planting that trees with one of my friend who was also a lieutenant and a forest engineer to the areas that our commenders pointed to us. He was marking the best places for us as a forest engineer. I was commanding to the soldiers to make them planting the trees. At the end of the day the last tree in the truck was my tree. The soldiers want it that way. ‘This tree is yours’ they were saying. I wasn’t breaking their heart and starting to do it. I was digging the hole first and planting the tree. That makes me more respectable in their eyes. They liked me and they were never act any disrespect to me. 

One day I opened my notebooks cover again. I drew a giant warrior and couple of mercenaries which had surrounded him. Then I started to write what is happening in that drawing. It was a one page writing something like an explanation. Then I named the charecters. That names were the names which were in my mind at the moment. I smiled and closed the cover of the notebook. It was time to go on working. I re opened the cover of the notebook next day. I attempt to draw another one but even the muses were with me, they had choosed to canalize me to a different way. I decided to write more which was a continuous part of the first page but not draw. ‘It won’t come to an end because there wasn't even a specific topic’ I said to myself. Even with that, I continued to write. Suddenly the ideas started to fly around my head. I didn’t started form the first parts first sentence, but maybe I was writing a part which was coming out to see the day light for the other parts that would be created around that. The process had continued about a mounth. After that, the main story of the book was ready. It seems that I was having a book then. I was writing with excitement. I was also drawing sometimes. When I had come to an end with my army service, I had two notebooks of writing. After coming back to home, start to work and getting married, that notebooks had waited me on a shelf for two years.